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The Andrew Greenwood Discography

Andrew has recorded with numerous artists including Maureen Washington, Dia-Nos, the Victoria Jazz Orchestra, the Humber Studio Jazz Orchestra, Brian Moon, Caleb Hart and the Royal Youths, Travel Light, Downtown Mischief, and Illvis Freshly.  Most recently Andrew has been featured on Downtown Mischief's second album which will be released in 2020.


The Andrew Greenwood Quintet


This demo album features a few of Andrew's original compositions.

origination cover 2.jpg



Caleb Hart and the Royal Youth's debut album.

dtm album cover.jpg

Comin' Thru Slidin'


Comin' Thru Slidin' is Downtown Mischief's Debut Album combining elements of jazz, hip hop, and funk.  Andrew plays saxophone and flute on the album.

Discography: Discography
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